TEK Architects was founded in 1987 by Charles Thanhauser AIA. We maintain a diverse practice with significant experience in commercial, retail, educational, residential, government, healthcare and non-profit projects. We create new paradigms for working, living and re-creating. We design things we haven’t seen before that intrigue, engage, interact with and provoke people. We are interested in architecture that goes beyond a personal nature and engages the public as well as the users; that redefines and enhances the activities it encloses and re-shapes the environment in which it exists.

Our consistent emphasis has been to produce sophisticated and unique designs, notable for their aesthetics, technical thoroughness and attention to detail. A basic value held by our firm is that good design does not require large budgets, but simply more thought on the part of the architect. We believe our record of achievements demonstrates our success at achieving that goal, evidenced by three American Institute of Architects Design Awards, three “Interiors” Awards, a “Best of Year” award from Interior Design magazine and four “NY Construction” Awards.