In every project, TEK seeks out underlying challenges and takes advantage of these design opportunities that ultimately lead to innovation.

Is it possible to build a mental health facility so safe and simple that its clients can run and maintain it? Can the design of a nature center exemplify the very principles it seeks to teach? Can a university computer center promote social interaction and computer training at the same time? We ask questions like these of ourselves and our clients. The answers we arrive at break the mold and extend the realm of architectural possibilities. We consider every project an opportunity to exceed both our clients’ expectations and the goals that we have set for ourselves. The beliefs that guide our practice are simple:

Distinctive architecture comes from commitment, not from budget:
We seek elegant solutions. Working with less simply requires more ingenuity.

If the design is intelligent, it will be successful:
Our goal is to master the function, identity, needs and goals of a project so the final design appears as self-evident.

Every project defines its own rules:
We trust ingenuity more than preconceptions and creativity over style. No solution is good twice and every solution contributes to the next.

Planning and inspiration are two sides of the same coin:
Each project is unique. Inspiration follows information. There can be no answers before the fact.

Outstanding clients make outstanding architecture:
The more engaged the client, the better the final product. We develop a dialogue with our clients that goes beyond consensus building to create the excitement required for exceptional achievement.

The user is always right:
Both architect and client must ultimately measure the success of their collaboration by the satisfaction of the people who use it. Architecture can only claim to be successful if it enhances people’s lives.